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Saving You Time, Money, And Reducing Stress.

Due to Covid-19, our live workshops have been suspended. However, we are holding college webinars. Please see the webinar schedule below. Go to Webinar tab to register here or call 732 224-1496 or email info@collegefundingassociates.com.


Webinar: Thursday, May 14, 2020 9:00am

Webinar: Tuesday, May 26, 2020  12:00pm

Webinar: Wednesday, June 10, 2020  7:00pm


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Will you be able to retire after sending your kids to college?

Maximize college aid and minimize stress so your kids go to college and you still retire comfortably.

Parents are finding the financial aid process overwhelming and paying for college a daunting and stressful nightmare. Are you asking: Where did the time go and where will the money come from?

Are you wrestling with these issues?

  • Struggling to find enough time to focus on important issues?
  • Overwhelmed by the volume of information out there?
  •  Financial Aid Forms, and Loans, and Deadlines, Oh My!
  •  I won’t qualify for aid, so what can I do?

College Funding Associates is here to help families minimize the time, energy, and stress associated with the financial aid process, which is time-consuming, overwhelming, and full of potential for mistakes which can cost thousands in lost aid. With so much information available these days, people need a one-stop resource to boil it down and get through the process quickly and comfortably. By integrating sound financial planning strategies with the rules and regulations of financial aid, you’ll be able to comfortably send your children to college, have time to enjoy their high school and college years, and stay on track to retire.

What Makes College Funding Associates Different?

Instead of focusing on saving for college like most advisors, we have a different mindset. We are even more concerned about how to pay for college and hopefully have more money left when it is done. While most walk you to the doorstep with a bag full of money, we take you to college and help you leave with some of what you had. That translates into more money for a wedding, vacations, homes, retirement, etc. By truly understanding the process and the financial aid loopholes, we can position the family in the best light, and spend as little as possible on college. Other advisors may help you save for college, but they don’t help you avoid giving it all to the college and/or the IRS.

Since 1999, College Funding Associates has specialized in helping families save time and money, and reducing the stress associated with college planning. Let us be your one stop resource to guide you through the overwhelming details and information overload. Every family needs to maximize their financial aid and minimize their out of pocket costs for college.

To learn how to get on the right path, the first step is to take advantage of our FREE workshop, webinar, or report.  Call us at 732-224-1496.

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